Our company loves to bring innovative ideas and projects that showcase the best parts of our community, the people. Here are a few we have put together:

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Raise A Flag, Bay City MI

On New Years Eve of 2015, Avram Golden's, owner of Golden Photo Co., brother passed away.  He served both the country in active military and his community as Captain of the Clinton Area, Fire and Rescue. This project affords a tangible way for Avram to honor his brother and his family, while adding to our community's star-spangled pride. In the project’s first year (2010), we proudly mounted 100 flags in historic downtown Bay City and have incrementally expanded the Raise A Flag presence each year.

Even though these high quality flags are carefully removed and stored each Fall, the life-cycle is only two years, so project funding remains ongoing.

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Third Street Star Bridge™

Golden’s idea for The Third Street Star Bridge emerged when he was thinking about a light in his own life, his brother Ari. “I love the idea of light,” Golden says. “Light illuminates the darkness. Light is also a way to describe a special person. We all have people in our lives that have been a ‘light’ to us, and I wanted to find a way to embody that idea.”

To achieve his goal, Golden needed to find members of the community to be part of the project. First, the City of Bay City supported the idea as well as the owners of the buildings in which the lights were strung. Clements Electric choreographed the light pattern and performed the installation.

To help fund the project, people donated $100 to recognize a “light” in their life in the form of a light bulb on one of the strings.

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