The Third Street Star Bridge Spaceman mural graphic-T. 100% polyester  -  Original Spaceman art by artist Paolo Pedini.  This iconic Third Street mural painting was commissioned with funds raised for the Third Street Star Bridge project.  When the organizers saw this series by Paolo, they thought it would be a perfect addition to accent the Star Bridge project.  Now on a T-shirt this piece of Bay City can be yours in graphic shirt form.  Part of the proceeds of the sale of this shirt will go toward maintanance costs of the Third Street Star Bridge project. Illuminating love, life and art in downtown Bay City.

Star Bridge™ Spaceman - Paolo Pedini

  • PAOLO PEDINI - Artist

    Charlotte NC since 2018.

    Creating public artwork is at the core of who I am. Every piece of art that I create is a rewarding experience and the life of the work continues to strengthen my sense of being an artist. I believe the potential of art to enrich the lives of everyone is endless and certainly anything is possible.

    I pursue balance, harmonies, and graphic pops through combining various elements. Each piece starts spontaneously by creating background colors and patterns, later adding foreground figures that are a stark contrast to previous layers. More elements like spray painting stencil work are added to further the interactions between layers.